Cowboy Crusade Ministries Keith’s Bio

Keith Brown was born in Akron, Ohio in 1949. Raised in a Christian home with two brothers, Keith learned guitar at an early age and played and sang in several bands with his brothers through college. Keith and his brothers finally gave up music to start a very successful family construction business over the next twenty years. In his early thirties, Keith, along with his wife, recommitted his life to the Lord and began to lead praise and worship in church. Keith ran into some hard times in the 1980’s with the death of his wife, loss of the business, loss of his ranch, and back surgery. Broken, he developed a deeper relationship with God than ever before. God began to restore all that was lost. He was introduced to Debbie, his present wife, through their shared involvement in cutting horses. He started another successful construction business and purchased another small ranch in Agua Dulce, Ca. In 1995, at a cutting horse event, they ran into Dave & Kathleen Simmons of Cowboy Church Ministries, who began to train them in ministry. After three years of intensive study of the Word of God and many miles traveled for “hands on” experience in field ministry, they were ordained and began their full time ministry. Cowboy Crusade Ministries was birthed in 1998 as a field ministry where positive County Music, Christian Country Music, the Word of God, and personal testimony are blended together to share the message of Jesus Christ to the “cowboy world”. Keith has two albums released, “Arms of Grace”, and “Hang on for the Ride”. In March of 2002 Keith was asked by a secular FM country music station to air a weekly two hour Christian program each Sunday morning. Several other FM secular stations are now interested in the program. Keith, Debbie, and April travel across the country ministering at horse events, camp meetings, fairs, and churches (both cowboy churches and conventional churches) sharing the Gospel of Christ with a “country style”.

Hang on for the Ride “Rodeo Radio”

You may ask why we call the show, Hang on for the Ride, “Rodeo Radio”. Well,
“Sometimes life can be like riding bulls or broncs. We try with all our strength, to hang on for the ride but sometimes we get thrown. But as any good cowboy knows, “you ain’t rode, till you been throw’d”. In other words, it’s the toughest and rankest mounts that train you to be a better and tougher cowboy. The one who goes to the pay window is the cowboy who was able to overcome the most difficult rides.

Our hard and difficult times in life are meant to build character and make us stronger people to overcome life’s trials and then to help train and encourage others going through similar situations. With the right attitude, endurance, and knowledge of the Word of God (the rule book), we can claim the victory and receive the reward.
If God be for us, who can be against us, (Romans 8:31) But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corth 15:57).

Using Country Music and Christian Country Music as a vehicle, we pray that you will develop a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and that you would be strengthened and encouraged through the message of the songs and have a life filled with love, peace, and hope.

And now may God richly bless you as you diligently seek Him and serve Him. Jesus loves you and so do we. (3 John 2)

Cowboy Church Service

This page is designed to allow you to watch and listen to the Cowboy
Church services at the horse events presented by Cowboy Crusade Ministries.
These services are held at different venues and different times and may be
difficult to attend. Maybe you were at the event but couldn’t come to the
service because you were getting horses ready. Now you can log on and
enjoy the church services on demand at your convenience.

Also, if you would like a copy of the services for your own library just
email us and we will send you the audio CD or DVD. We’ll include an
invoice for $5.00 for each CD and $8.00 for each DVD plus shipping
(UPS ground).

If you have any questions about any of the teachings, please contact us
and we will answer those questions and send you any related material we
might have on the topic.

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, give to you the Spirit of wisdom and
revelation in the knowledge of Him, and that the eyes of your understanding will be
enlightened…(Eph 1:17-23)

Cowboy Crusade Ministries

Cowboy Crusade Ministries

The cowboy world still remains a vital part of the heritage of the United States and Canada and is alive and going strong today in many other parts of the world. It includes a wide range of people. Whether, you ride bulls on the rodeo circuit, are a working cowboy on a large ranch, just have a few backyard horses or just love “country style living”, the cowboy lifestyle is probably in your heart to stay.

Cowboy Crusade Ministries (a non-profit corporation) was birthed with a vision to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the cowboy world, whether in an arena setting, at a fair, on the back of a pickup, or in a church. Through the vehicle of Christian Country Music, many doors have been opened to us at these horse events and cowboy gatherings, where we share our testimony of faith in a risen Savior who brings salvation to all even cowboys and cowgirls, who call upon His name.

” We hope this web page and all its contents will speak life, minister to your spirit, and bless you spiritually.”
If you have any questions about our ministry, if you want to become a covenant partner with us, or would like to have us minister at your next EVENT, you can contact us at:

Cowboy Crusade Ministries
Keith & Debbie Brown
2109 Thompson Road
Homedale, ID 83628
(208) 337-3516